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Wedding "Wild Essentials"

Incredible flowers on a controlled budget

We ensure that each of our weddings is a unique creation specially made for you, and that is why our "Wild Essentials" formula is perfectly suited for all couples looking for superb flowers on a controlled budget.  

It's a formula  simple  and practical: you give us important information about your wedding, its colors and its style thanks to a specially provided form. In order to maintain favorable costs for you, we do not arrange our consultation service  usual on the "Wild Essentials" formula, and we cannot guarantee a choice of specific flowers, but we will create a magnificent set in the colors of  your  ceremony and with the best seasonal flowers available.

We do not impose a minimum budget in this formula, but all the parts must be removed from the workshop,  ideally  the day before or the morning of the ceremony from 9 am.

You can compose your own list from the options given below! When you have a clearer idea of your needs, contact us and we will work together from this document!

Need a simpler bouquet? More complex? To adapt this offer? Contact us!


A bridal bouquet in our signature style, natural and wild, created for you with respect for your colors and the flowers of the season.

Add a beautiful silk ribbon for +25€.


Men also love flowers! Married, witnesses,  fathers... and all those you wish to spoil!

Supplied with a pin.

Married 12€.

Groomsmen €9.


Made in the same style and colors as your bridal bouquet. 

Add a beautiful silk ribbon for +20€.

Flower Girls 25€.


Embellish your guests' meals with simple and charming little flower pots at €15 each or tied bouquets at €55, vases included.

  from 15€
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